Diary of Events

Below are details  of entertainment events hosted by the Shirley Centre. Please note not all of the events are run by the Shirley Community Association. These events are the responsibility of the individual organizers. 

The Shirley Community Association


A Teddy Bears Picnic

Sorry, However this event has had to be cancelled

Ticket £8.00  enables the following to join the Picnic.  One Bear, One Owner (under 7 years) and  up to 2 adults who will be responsible for the child.

Races, Games, Prizes, Face Painting, Bee Keeper.

The Price includes picnic for the Teddy Bear which may be shared with the owner, Honey Sandwich, cake and fruit drink. Sorry grown ups will need to  provide their own picnic.

Saturday 8th September 2018  2:00pm to 4:00 pm

Ticket £8.00 per Teddy Bear

Saturday 17th November

Barn Dance


The Cat's Whisker's Barn Dance Band

Doors Open 7:30 pm Dancing Starts 8:00pm

Tickets Available Shortly  £10.00

Inc Ploughmans Supper,